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Macbook SSM website screenshot


The objective of the website project was to greatly enhance and modernize the website presence for Standard Sheet Metal. The old website had a very outdated design, was built in static HTML without a content management system (CMS), had small images, a poorly organized portfolio section, a small amount of total content, and was not a reflection of the quality of the brand and work of SSM.


By starting from the ground up tailoring the site requirements to ensure that the site itself can be used on screen to present the portfolio to prospects by the SSM team, the site was given a modern design, large and rich images, an outstanding portfolio section, much more content, and the ability to communicate both architectural and industrial sides of the business to show the full scope of capabilities and work. Additionally, the site is now mobile-responsive and built on a modern CMS allowing for proper search engine indexing, enhanced usability, and easy administration of content by the SSM team.

Standard Sheet Metal website screenshot

Social media traffic increased 13,160% due to positive feedback on the new Standard Sheet Metal website.

iPhone XS Standard Sheet Metal website screenshot
iPad Standard Sheet Metal website screenshot
iPad Standard Sheet Metal website screenshot


In the period between the launch date (September 20, 2016) and December 31, 2016, in comparison to the same period in 2015, the new website achieved the following results:


Bounce Rate


Pages Per Session




Average Session Duration


Social Media Traffic


Organic Search Engine Traffic

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