Bishop Spencer Place

Search Engine Optimization Campaign

Bishop Spencer Place sought to increase in organic positioning, traffic, and leads through search engine optimization (SEO).


Bishop Spencer Place is the premier retirement community in Kansas City and is located near the Country Club Plaza. Seeking increased traffic and conversions, the organization engaged Voltage for SEO. The optimization efforts centered on on-page optimization within BSP’s website built on a closed-source system and not supported by the original developer. In addition to not having the ability to utilize SEO-friendly CMS controls in the website platform, there were several important elements that were not able to be optimized including some aspects of the URL structure and specific coding syntax.


Voltage utilized its award winning discovery process to develop a strategy that would account for the significant technical challenges posed by the website.  This included very detailed and manual page-by-page optimization activities focused on on-page techniques to go along with inbound linking.  The specifics of the strategy focused not on the ranking factors that we couldn’t optimize for, but for those that we could in a way that would offset and exceed initial expectations of the Voltage team.


Despite the technical limitations and challenges the results of the campaign are staggering.

  • 25% increase in organic query count (number of keywords ranked for in organic search)
  • 31% improvement in Google average ranking position (across all queries)
  • 97% increase in Google organic search impressions
  • 77% increase in Google organic traffic clicks (visits)
  • 18% increase in conversions (leads) via organic traffic