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Awkward Family Photos (AFP) is exactly what you think it is — a website that features user-submitted embarrassing family pictures. AFP was seeking a newly designed and developed responsive website that will provide existing and new users an easy-to-use platform for sharing their photos online from a desktop or mobile device.


Voltage created a custom design for AFP and developed the responsive website on WordPress. This allowed management of website content through a single CMS while providing mobile and tablet device users with optimal access to website content in a manner tailored to various devices.

Awkward Family Photos desktop screenshot

Voltage completed the first-ever redesign for the Awkward Family Photos website.


Voltage applied our expertise in user experience, web design and cutting edge technology solutions to create
an online property that is compelling for users and an asset to the client for years to come. The now mobile-responsive website experiences around 50,000+ viewers every day.

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