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Voltage partnered with Kicksite with the goal to increase demo requests for their software system. Voltage created two separate Google Ads campaigns: one that was Kicksite branded and the other focusing on its software features and high search volume keywords (martial arts software, attendance tracking, jiu-jitsu software, etc). Voltage then created separate landing pages focused in each features area with unique copy based on popular search terms for those features. The landing pages also were designed based on best practices and included a large CTA button, form at the top of the page, and reviews at the bottom of the landing page.


Once the campaigns were created, Voltage monitored and optimized with daily, weekly, and monthly tasks that included negative keyword matching, adjusting bids, promoting well-performing keywords, A/B testing ad copy, QA landing pages, quality score review, and adding in site link extensions and call out extensions.

Voltage’s paid search strategy improved Kicksite's demo request submission conversion rate by 39.75%.

2019 SEMPO Global Awards

2019 KCDMA AMBIT Award

Response-Driven Web

2019 KCDMA AMBIT Award

Paid Search Marketing (PPC/SEM)

2019 BMA Fountain Award

Advertising: SEM/PPC


Dedicated Google Ads and direct response website tactics began in 2018 for Kicksite. The initial phase and early part of the year was focused on setting a baseline and establishing the messaging, campaigns, and structure. The second half showed incredible improvement and profitability as shown in the metrics to follow.

Comparing the 2nd half of 2018 vs 1st half of 2018 (July 1, 2018 – Dec 31, 2018 vs  January 1, 2018 -June 30, 2018):

Voltage utilized Google search ads to target martial arts school owners specifically through the strategic and tactical efforts increased demo request submissions by 34%. The overall demo request conversion goal value (projected revenue based on sales team close rates and customer value) increased 38%. The demo request submission conversion rate of the ads increased by 39.75%. During all of these lead generation performance improvements, Voltage was able to manage the ad spend in a way that also reduced the costs and made the budget stretch further, seeing the cost per click decrease 13%.


Demo request submission conversion rates


Increase in demo request submissions


Increase in average time on page

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