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Macbook Lyric Opera website screenshot


The old website was not a seamless experience when ordering tickets and contributing donations.  The site also had areas that could not be administratively adjusted for layout and aesthetics and did not provide for a clear path for users to purchase tickets.


Website design utilizing a modern, clean approach focusing on the wealth of quality photography available.  Plus, custom integration with ticketing and donation systems to provide a seamless experience for users and clear workflows.

Lyric Opera website screenshot

Lyric Opera reflected the world-class status of the company through a clean and seamless website integration.

iPhone XS Lyric Opera website screenshot
iPad Lyric Opera website screenshot
iPad Lyric Opera website screenshot


A clean site that showcases what the Lyric Opera is all about.  Users are able to clearly find the content desired — purchase tickets, donate, volunteer, and more — within a pleasing site architecture that reflects the quality of the company.

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