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The campaign goal was to increase overall awareness of ACSYS in the United States. As a new entrant to North America in the past few years ACSYS had previously relied on its German-based global website to serve customers around the world through a range of translated versions. That approach wasn’t ideal, as it wasn’t tailored to personas in the United States and how they search for and source production equipment. By focusing on SEO best practices, persona/audience research, and competitor intelligence, a successful strategy was crafted that drove both awareness and leads.


The strategy specifically focused on being precise with audience research primarily through evaluating the right keyword targets and the intent of the searcher persona for each keyword. From there we were able to identify relevant competitors and profile their content, navigation structure, and the factors contributing to their rankings allowing us to craft a strategy with our on-page factors that would position us alongside them quickly.

Specific tactics within the strategy:

  • Launched a mobile-responsive English version of the German language site staying within the brand to ensure consistency, but customizing navigation, content, and user-funnels to optimize based on organic search keyword research. This included optimized content focusing on the the “local-ness” of company (“Want local support? We’ll fly someone out to you right away”). We also optimized the site to emphasize machinery specifications (laser type, machine size, replacement parts, etc.).
  • Differentiated site through on-page SEO factors including title tags, meta description tags, image alt text, and crawl errors to enhance search engine indexing.
  • Increased site accessibility through claiming and managing local citations

Acsys Laser achieved an increase in traffic, new visitors, and conversions between Q3 and Q4 of 2016.


The new US website launched in mid-2016. Upon launch we were able to begin optimization in the third quarter realizing initial results from our strategy in Q4.

Final 2016 Q4 vs Q3 results after post-launch of new website and start of SEO campaign were the following:

  • New Visitors +4.1%
  • Bounce Rate: 5.81% improvement

Total SEO Conversions (Leads)


SEO Conversion Rate


SEO Traffic

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