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Voltage had an objective to increase quality leads through paid search engine marketing efforts on Google AdWords in 2016. In the past, the campaigns were generating a large quantity of contacts, but the leads were not getting further into the sales funnel. Voltage worked with MIQ to identify a pattern with the type of leads they were receiving, and came to the conclusion that the ads and the landing page were not giving enough information to the end-user to determine if MIQ Logistics was the right company they needed for their services.


Through the research and collaboration, Voltage developed the 2016 strategy to include the initial creation of a microsite landing page format that gave much more information about the types of services MIQ Logistics offered, focusing particularly on the type of service the end-user was searching for.

Utilizing the enhanced content and opportunity to educate those landing on the microsite, efforts were enhanced in Adwords through keyword optimization, relevance of keywords to landing page content, and overall quality. This allowed for the ongoing AdWords optimization process including keyword refinement, bid management and optimization, negative matching, and quality score improvement to be the focus for the rest of the year and to see great successes in driving leads within the same set monthly budget.

Voltage helped MIQ Logistics increase leads by 196.05%


The successful 2016 PPC campaign for core services was able to achieve significant gains in lead volume on more targeted and qualified targets within the same monthly budget as the previous year. Here are the results for 2016 vs. 2015 for the Focus Services desktop campaign:

  • Cost per click: 12.07% improvement
  • Bounce rate: 44.65% improvement

Total PPC Conversions (Leads)


PPC Conversion Rate


PPC Traffic

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