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Macbook KCI Expo website screenshot


KCI Expo Center was seeking a Digital Agency to help redesign and develop their old website and continue with on-going marketing to help with increasing revenue and booking events. Their old website was not producing the RFP leads they desired and had a poor user experience.


Voltage created a seamless and user friendly website for both event planners, event attendees, and those interested in staying in the adjacent hotel. The Voltage Digital Marketing team implemented basic SEO tactics for the launch of the website, as well as a continued SEO strategy that would increase traffic to the site and attract event planners who were looking to hold an event at their location. Voltage wrote new and unique content for event planners, added title and meta tags, schema markup, uploaded their XML sitemap to Google Search Console, created a link building strategy, shared event space content via LinkedIn and Facebook targeting event planners, and more.

KCI Expo website screenshot

Voltage continued to increase organic traffic and conversions for KCI Expo Center by 122%.

iPhone XS KCI Expo website screenshot
iPad KCI Expo website screenshot
iPad KCI Expo website screenshot


From Quarter 3-4 of 2015 to Quarter 1-2 of 2016:

  • 122% increase in organic traffic
  • 75% increase in RFP request conversions

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