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Macbook Photo of AAP's website


With many young owners, engineers, and contractors now turning to online searches to find the best HVAC solution, Associated Air Products (AAP) wanted to update its website interface to reflect its industry-leading brand. AAP needed a premium site to match the premium products it sells and services across multiple industries including schools, hospitals, residences, government, industrial power plants, and commercial offices. AAP desired a modern way to feature its products, services, and resources, in addition to making the website mobile responsive and optimized for search engines.


Voltage worked with AAP to create an online asset that clearly communicates the primary focus of the company as the trusted source to find the right HVAC solution. AAP wanted the website to tell a story that is unique enough to get people to want to work with them. In addition to refreshing the website, Voltage updated the AAP logo to match the new look and feel.

Photo of AAP's website

Voltage designed a new website and logo to refresh the Associated Air Products brand that has existed since 1985.

iPhone XS Photo of AAP's website
iPad Photo of AAP's website
iPad Photo of AAP's website


AAP launched the website and new logo in July 2019. The new logo was also unveiled in flyers and emails Voltage designed to promote the “What’s Brewing at AAP” monthly events hosted at Brew Lab. The new website has seen improvements in organic standings and SEO best practices within a week of the launch of the website with some pages gaining traction with localized keywords.

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