E-Commerce Client

Google Shopping Product Listing Ads Campaign

E-Commerce PLA Infographic
Client sought to increase revenue through dynamically serving ads for high value in-stock products while keeping cost of sales under 10%.


Seeking increased sales, the organization contacted Voltage for pay per click advertising. The PPC efforts centered on expanding into Google Shopping, an advertising platform not supported by their CMS provider, and combining with Google AdWords. In addition to not having the ability to utilize live database product updates, there were several other CMS managed elements that were not directly compatible with Google Merchant Center, including sales promotions and product categorization attributes.


Voltage utilized its award winning discovery process to develop a strategy that would account for the significant technical challenges posed by the inventory management system.  This included very detailed processes for manually creating a data feed, syncing it with Google Merchant Center, then exporting it to AdWords.  The specifics of the strategy focused not on out-bidding competitors, but out-optimizing ads using SEO tactics in the manually controlled data feed.


Despite the technical limitations and challenges the results of the campaign are extraordinary.

  • 2,400% return on ad spend
  • 58% under the client’s goal of a 10% cost per order
  • $4.35 average cost per conversion
  • Average order size of $104.42
  • Total spend of $2,650.25 generated $63,594.66 of revenue