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The campaign goal was to increase overall site visibility while optimizing for lead form submissions. Our strategy was built on first, becoming mobile-friendly to help capture the growing mobile search share within the B2B plastics industry. From there, we focused on content and enhancements to the site structure to build-out around persona-driven keyword topics from the top down. This effectively gave the entire site an opportunity to rank for broad to very specific topics landing visitors on each page of the site.


The tactics as part of the strategy included:

  • Launched a mobile-responsive version of the website
  • Reorganized site into logical content silos/sections to align with target audience persona research and development
  • Optimized on-page SEO factors including title tags, meta description tags, image alt text, and crawl errors to enhance search engine indexing of content
  • Removed barriers to filling out forms through the removal of captcha code and installation of anti-spam honeypot on existing forms. We also Added quick contact forms (name, email, message) to product category pages as our optimization strategy focused on making any page on the site strategically important for topical rankings and becoming a landing page.
Com-Pac website screenshot

Com-Pac International saw a 19.23% increase in custom quote requests.

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iPad Com-Pac website screenshot


The successful strategy drove great results including large increases in lead volume for the company in competitive markets in 2016 compared to 2015.

  • 19.23% increase in new users
  • 6.2% improvement in bounce rate
  • 25.66% increase in all conversions

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