Three Dog Bakery

Email Automation

Voltage creates a successful automated email marketing campaign with a 12,400% Return On Ad Spend


Seeking increased sales direct to consumer, Three Dog Bakery approached Voltage to help with integrated marketing. Among other initiatives, Voltage was given the challenge to increase revenue in their email marketing channel. Three Dog Bakery’s email list had an average open rate of 8.1% and a click through rate of .4%


Voltage developed an email strategy that would increase revenue, reach customers who were disengaged, and minimize manual time spent on email by internal staff. The strategy included launching two automated campaigns, one Re-Engagement Campaign targeting customers who had dropped off and not purchased a product in two months, and another Best Customers Campaign that awarded their best customers with an additional discount after they made a purchase over a certain amount.


The results of the Re-Engagement Campaign are extraordinary. In the first week…

  • 27% open rate, an increase from the 8.1% avg before
  • 4% CTR, increased from .4% avg before
  • Campaign spend only $12.50
  • Sent to 2,500 customers
  • Return on Ad Spend: 12,400%