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The objective for the 2016 SEO campaign strategy was to drive qualified leads for booking events. This focused on dates in future years as well as specific slots for dates not yet booked in the coming year. By building a strategy around content, link building, and engagement from organic search traffic, the strategy hit on the major areas of relevancy and authority to compete with the few major Kansas City venues as well as others in the Midwest featuring similar amenities and size.


Focused on the strategic benefit of increasing sessions from improved search rankings for the KCI Expo website, the first phase of the strategy was to add content to the website that was relevant to their target audience. This included enhancing existing content and expanding it to have a larger footprint of relevant content across the focus keyword topics the target audience uses to locate venues to get bids from.

From there, the linking strategy focused on linkage with vendor websites to increase SEO domain authority and increase the amount of time a user spent on the site and then into ongoing cycles of continued on-page optimization.

Voltage increased organic search traffic by 115.65% for KCI Expo Center.


The successful 2016 campaign showed a large increase in total conversions through organic traffic attributed to the strategy over the time frame where comparable data to 2015 was available.

The following are results that occurred between June 12, 2016 – December 31, 2016 vs. the same period in 2015:


Total SEO Conversions (Leads)


SEO Web Traffic


SEO Conversion Rate

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