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Voltage created a campaign strategy for The Man Registry in 2017 to improve rankings, increase impressions, drive more traffic, and ultimately lead to more directly attributed ecommerce sales through organic search engine optimization. The campaign included three areas: optimizing indexing / technical, site architecture, and on-page SEO factors.


Voltage worked hard at breaking redirect chains with more than two hops (resulting from old to new site hierarchy change from previous years and/or from product and inventory changes on an ongoing basis), and continued to minimize duplicate content by removing specific products that were located in multiple categories. Lastly, Voltage optimized page titles and meta descriptions to include more nuanced keywords and entice potential customers / shoppers to click.

The organic search traffic conversion rate increased by 78.87% year-over-year, leading to increased sales.

2018 KCDMA AMBIT Award

Search Engine Optimization


The SEO campaign was successful for multiple reasons. Direct revenue from organic search was the most important and we saw the organic search traffic year-over-year conversion rate (sale transactions per web visit) increase by 78.87%, total transactions up 182.20%, and yearly revenue grew 209.27%. Compared to industry benchmarks, total organic search traffic visits were 278.37% higher than competitors. Secondary metrics for organic search traffic compared to US-based competitor benchmarks included new users (+333.05%), pages per session (+228.23%), and average bounce rate (99.33% improvement) metrics better than competitors according to Google Analytics data.


Increase in year-over-year conversions


Increase in total transactions


Increase in yearly revenue

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