Dordt College

2018 Campus Visit Day Integrated Campaign

Voltage utilized paid search, display, and Facebook ads to target their audience and increased campus visit day submissions year-over-year by 75%.


Voltage partnered with Dordt College with the goal to help them increase their campus visit day submissions by 25% year-over-year. Voltage learned that surprisingly, the most popular way of scheduling campus visit days were by phone and 90% of the submissions were actually done by the students’ parents and not the actual students. Voltage created a digital media strategy that was split between targeting students and their parents. The campaign included Facebook, Google Search ads, and Google Display remarketing ads. Landing pages were created for each age with content geared more towards their interests (student engagement, activities, etc, for students and loans, scholarships, student engagement for parents). Voltage monitored and optimized the campaigns with tasks that included negative keyword matching, adjusting bids, promoting well performing keywords, A/B testing ad copy, QA landing pages, quality score review, and adding in extensions.


Voltage made sure the images clearly depicted a happy potential student on a campus tour with his/her mom and dad. Text on the ads were minimal and to the point. Voltage made sure the copy for the ads were compelling and tugged at parents’ heart strings. Dordt asked Voltage to use our graphic design team to create the ads. We made sure to use brand guidelines for the college to use the correct colors and text styles. We considered Facebook’s 20% text rule when creating the ads and knew from previous historical data that ads in the campaign with less text had higher click-through rates. Voltage did A/B testing between different ad images and ad text to see a higher click-through rate. After both ads ran for two weeks, the winner was determined and ran for the course of the campaign. This on-brand and agile approach was very helpful for the creative aspects of the campaign.


The campaign was successful because it increased campus visit day submissions year-over-year by 75% percent. This exceeded the campaign goal by 200%! It also increased new users to the website, with over 79% of the sessions being visitors who had never been to the website before. Dordt was incredibly happy and said, “I think we can all agree that this is a marked improvement from years past. Thanks to all of you for leading here.”