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Facebook: It’s a love-hate relationship for businesses. Facebook has opened up so many opportunities for companies to reach their target audience and grow their business, but sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming. Taking the time to put together a strategy, create posts, then monitor comments and engagement leaves little to no room to work on other important areas of your business. This is where we come in to help :)

We recently started doing digital marketing for a local business. The client already had a Facebook page, but with little to no engagement. We put together a social media strategy and started to post regularly to their Facebook page. After taking the time to put together our strategy, create the content, and craft an attention grabbing Facebook message, we noticed we weren’t getting very much engagement.

We knew Facebook had changed their algorithm so less followers would see our posts, but we had no idea how little engagement we would get. In fact, after Facebook’s algorithm change, most businesses only reach 7% of their total audience organically on Facebook.

Here is a graph that shows the decline in organic reach.


What to do if no one sees your post:

Facebook gives you the ability to boost posts that you create on your company page. Boosted posts appear higher in the newsfeed and they will appear on a person’s newsfeed more than once. A boosted post will reach more of your followers, depending on how much you want to spend to boost it ($5-$15).

Without boost vs. boosted post:

You’re maybe wondering, “is it really worth it to spend $5 on a boosted post”? Yes, yes it is. Here is a side-by-side example of our client’s success after we boosted a post for just $5.

Without boost vs with $5 boost

Boosted PostsBoosted Post Facebook










Without boost vs with $5 boost

Boosted Facebook Post

Facebook Boosted Post










As you can see, boosting a post is worth the $5 cost.

How should I decide what to boost?

You don’t need to boost every single post you share, but here are a few ideas of what to boost:

  • Events. Whether it’s a festival or open house, make sure your followers know about special events
  • Special News & Announcements. Keep your customers in the know about special updates.
  • Unique & Original Content. Boost the blog post you wrote. Don’t worry about boosting links you share that aren’t your original content or won’t bring followers to your site.

Also, Facebook will not allow you to boost a post if it has more than 20% text on the image. Make sure to use the headline and body of your post. Learn more about Facebook’s Advertising Guidelines.

How do I boost a post?

  • Go to a post you’ve created and then click Boost Post in the lower-right corner.
  • Choose your audience and budget based on how many people you want to reach and how long you’d like your boost to run. You can also change your payment method.
  • Click Boost Post

In a perfect world we wouldn’t need to spend $5 each time we want to share with our followers, but learning to adapt to Facebook’s algorithm changes is crucial for engagement and the prosperity of your business.

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