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2020 has proven to be a unique year. The Chiefs won the Superbowl, Voltage brought on not one, not two, not three, but FOUR new employees, and in an unfortunate turn of events, we are now dealing with COVID-19. This isn’t how we wanted to spend the year, and we know you didn’t want to spend it at home alone with your cat either. Or did you? We don’t judge (or blame you). Either way now is a more important time than ever to ramp up digital marketing efforts, especially since business trends are quickly turning to 100% online. Voltage is still fully in action, even while working from home, and we are here for our clients. Continually boosting your online presence is our expertise, and COVID-19 definitely won’t be stopping us. Since we are working from home, we wanted to share with our community all of the ways we’re staying active in each other’s lives and staying connected with the agency. 

Daily Morning Meetings 

While everyone else is making Zoom memes, Voltage is using our daily Go-To Meetings as a way to see one another before our days begin. This is a great way to feel connected and to put a face to the Slack accounts, as well as a quick catch up before we dive into our kitchen table office setups. Daily meetings enact a sense of normalcy in this topsy-turvy timeline. It also gives us the opportunity to show off our pets and new quarantivities (that’s quarantine activities, for those who aren’t in the know), and to ensure that our coworkers are just as weird at home as they are in the office.  

Virtual Hangouts

Our agency regularly has lunches and happy hours to celebrate successes and to go over new goals. We have now implemented weekly virtual lunches for normal catching up too! Getting to know brand new employees and noticing small background details of each other’s homes is equal amounts of nosy and caring. Voltage holds our office culture very near and dear to our hearts, so we want to make sure our office family feels connected even while working from home. Virtual lunches are the latest of our greatest efforts to keep us together, and we are loving it. Plus, being able to have a beer on the job (at home) isn’t too shabby either. 

Open Office 

Since Voltage is a digital marketing agency, it would not be a good look if working remotely was difficult for us. Luckily, it’s not! We have been fortunate enough to be able to bring monitors and all work supplies home, but in case we ever need anything, Voltage’s home office is open to all of us. Our president is frequently working from the Voltage headquarters to make sure all three floors of our office never get lonely. We miss our desks dearly, and as long as we’re practicing good hygiene and physical distancing, we are free to use the office whenever we want! This is also beneficial for those forgetful employees who may or may not have left essential desk supplies behind. 

New Coworkers 

go to meeting call with our petsWhile we do certainly love the newest faces added to the Voltage team, right now we’re talking about the distracting furry coworkers we have at home! Voltage loves being able to hang out with them just as much as they love bothering us at our makeshift desks. The Voltage team has quite the mix of pets, from dogs to cats to lizards, and one member of our team might even consider his car as his pet. They prove to be a wonderful addition to our work from home offices and we appreciate their input in almost all of our projects (don’t worry, we extensively proofread anything they submit to the team). They keep us company since our real coworkers can’t, and we get to secretly think our pets are cuter than everyone else’s! 

We hope this gives some the inspiration they need to make their work from home situations just a little bit easier. Voltage can’t wait until we’re able to be back in the office, but for now, we are making the best of our situations. Our agency has the best people, on and off the job. While we’re working from home, we strive to keep our office culture alive and to keep going above and beyond for our clients. Voltage hopes you have a safe and healthy week. 


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