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This past month, Voltage brought on a few new faces! This time, we would like to introduce Nikki Hayter, our latest expert in all things social media. Nikki hails from the great city of St. Louis and lives with her husband and her very cute pup, Kenzie. In her free time, she watches other dogs in the neighborhood and enjoys trying new restaurants in the KC area. The most recent (and most notable) lunch choice was octopus in her poke’ bowl, much to the surprise and confusion of her fellow desk mates, she thoroughly enjoyed it! To each their own, we suppose. Either way, we are very excited to have her on the team! Watch out for any targeted Facebook ads that come your way from our clients, Nikki will be the mastermind who orchestrates them all. Meet Nikki!

What have you enjoyed the most about your time here at Voltage?

The amazing team I’m surrounded with. I’ve had the chance to learn a lot of different digital marketing aspects that I haven’t had the chance to be involved with previously, which is awesome!

What has been your main source of entertainment during quarantine?

I got really into yoga, which I always hated before quarantine. That and I got a little Marie Kondo-y and started organizing everything.

If you had to choose, what is your favorite platform on social media and why?

Instagram. It’s really the only one I use personally. I just like pretty pictures! I also feel like there’s more of a sense of community for important topics in my life.

We know you love dogs and have experience with a lot of different breeds,  so which breed of dog would each member of the digital marketing team be? 

  • Miranda – She wouldn’t be a dog, she would be a Maine Coon Cat. Sociable and goofy, but like with all cats, there’s a little evil behind those eyes.
  • Zach – Beagle. Even-tempered but has a mischievous side, determined, and mostly quiet but can be very loud when he gets riled up – cue foot-stomping.
  • Anna – Dachshund – Lively, clever, likes things done a certain way but also playful.
  • Jordan – Standard Poodle. Loyal, smart, friendly, and has great hair. 
  • Patrick – Great Pyranese – Super chill vibes but strong-willed and hard-working, and has lots of long flowy hair.
  • Claire – Yorkie – Super friendly, chatty, bold, and intelligent. Also, I feel like if they were a person they would dress really well which lines up with Claire.
  • Larry – Golden Retriever. Energetic, fierce loyalty, and has the need to get stuff done!
  • Nikki – Shih Tzu. Very loving, outgoing but shy at the same time, clever and spunky.

Out of all your years of experience in social media, what’s your favorite aspect of that digital marketing channel? 

I love the communication aspect that comes from social media. You aren’t just selling a product or service in the traditional advertising sense, you’re starting a dialogue with the customer and being real with them on a much more personal level.

In your interview, we talked a lot about Halloween. What is your favorite part of Halloween and why?

Who doesn’t want to be someone else for a day? AND it’s my only excuse to learn new needless makeup techniques. But mainly I just love scary stuff. I am super into horror movies. I can watch them all day long and haunted houses are a blast – until the chainsaw guy starts chasing me, then you’ll be able to see me try out my running skills.

What motivates you the most when you come to the office?

Knowing I can help clients in ways they may not think about. Social Media Marketing is such a cool way to advertise without actual advertising.

What was the last TV show you binge-watched? 

I’m simultaneously binging 2 shows – Alone (I think I’ve watched like 5 seasons in the past few weeks) and Glow Up – its a dumb makeup competition on Netflix, but I couldn’t stop!

If you could time travel, when and where would you go? Why?

Hmmm… I’d say the 20s or the 50s. I love the styles of both eras. Although I don’t think I’d fit in well in the 20s… I’m a little too outspoken, but I would make a really cool flapper in a speakeasy! Ahh but I am also obsessed with the Beatles, so maybe the 60s… to summarize, I’d just love to time travel, period.

What is the weirdest food combination you enjoy?

I love trying weird food. I don’t know about weird combinations, but the craziest stuff I’ve tried is jellyfish, kangaroo, shark, turtle. For combinations… my husband thinks it’s weird that I love liver and onions? So maybe that?

Other random Nikki-isms- I am beyond obsessed with Titanic. The ship, the movie, the stories – everything. Have been since I was a kid. I actually made my parents go see the movie when it came out in theaters, I was like 8? Also, I lived in London for 6 months and spent time traveling around Europe. I can talk anyone’s ears off for days on this subject.

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