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Another one for the books! Voltage is clearly on a winning streak when it comes to our new team members and our most recent addition, WordPress developer Allison Little, is an absolute home run. She just recently made the move back to Kansas City and we can’t wait to finally meet her outside of a Zoom call (we’re all so dearly missing the River Market office right about now). So far, she’s tackled development assignments like none other and proves to be an industry expert when it comes to pristine website structure. #girlswhocode.

Allison came to us geared up and ready to dive headfirst into development work, and we love learning about her and her personality during our virtual happy hours and hangouts. Apparently she is quite the lover of animals, as she has two dogs and two cats to keep her plenty busy with the rest of her time at home. They are frequent flyers in the background of our calls and are very entertaining. We asked Allison some awkward introductory questions to pull more information out of her, in a very sincere way, don’t worry. Here’s what she had to say:

Q: What are you looking forward to the most with this new position at Voltage?

A: It seems like a great team of people and a very positive atmosphere.  


Q: What is something you could teach the Voltage team?

A: How to cross-stitch, maybe?

Editors Note: This is a definite. Allison is really, really good at cross-stitch.


Q: We know you just moved back to Kansas City. What uniquely KC thing are you most excited about once we’re out of quarantine?

A: Taking my dogs to some of the beautiful parks. Also walking around the Plaza, River Market, and other local shopping areas. And going to First Fridays!


Q: What is your favorite holiday and why?

A: Halloween! I love fall weather and putting up decorations.


Q: Do you have any new quarantine hobbies?

A: I’ve been trying some hand-sewing to make masks… It’s not going so well, ha.


Q: How accurate is Hollywood’s depiction of coders and developers?

A: It varies wildly! Plenty of depictions as a normal job, but of course Hollywood likes to embellish because staring at a screen for hours on end isn’t really interesting. I think the worst I’ve ever seen was two people typing on one keyboard. Also, developers are usually portrayed as nerdy young men, which I am…. not. 


Q: What book did you read last?

A: “Welcome to Nightvale,” a novel based on the popular podcast of the same name.


Q: If you opened up a restaurant, what type of cuisine would you serve?

A: Homestyle, greasy-spoon cooking. Breakfast and burgers and whatnot.


Q: What is something you want to learn as a developer?

A: I’m interested in learning more about mobile app development!


 Q: What is your best strength as far as developing is concerned?

A: I’m definitely creative with problem-solving. I like working on problems where there isn’t necessarily a clear solution, but making it work anyway. 


Hopefully, we can get back into the office soon so Allison can see the new setup we built to accommodate her brand new workspace! We worked really hard on it. Okay, maybe not we. Probably just the guys. Definitely just the guys. But that’s fine! Her desk looks great and will look even better with her in it. We are very happy to have her as a permanent fixture in the Voltage operations, and we look forward to moving further into 2020 as a team. Keep on the lookout for more growth this year, Voltage has more to come!

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