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So, this May I’m getting married to a wonderful lady who luckily shares my sense of style. Now, being a designer, I (really want to/feel like I should) design our invitations. We’ve been looking around online a lot for inspiration, but we’ve mostly found the typical, traditional invites. That’s why it’s so fun and refreshing to see something out of the ordinary and much more personal.

From the pixel illustration to the letterpress, these invites please on every level. But, to me, the greatest thing about these invitations is that the style truly speaks of the generation that grew up at the dawn of the digital age. It’s also pretty awesome that the little pixel folk could pass for my fiance Beth and I. (Check me out on the staff page.)

So check out Cabel’s Blog and take a look at some excellent wedding design. It’s not just the invites either, Everything is tied together and wonderfully executed. I’ll try to keep you posted on our invitations when they’re ready.

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