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The maximum score possible on the Voltmeter is 100, but this is not grade school and 50 out of 100 points is not an F. In fact, the vast majority of sites online would score 20 or below. That is because the Voltmeter scores on a logarithmic scale. You can find in-depth details on logrithmic scales from wikipedia, but it basically breaks down like this: on the Voltmeter scoring a 20 is not twice as hard as scoring a 10, it’s 100 times harder. And scoring a 30 is 1000 times harder than that. Why?

Think Of It Like This

  1. Your Mom (!?) has a blog.
  2. The New York Times has a web page.
  3. Your Mom’s blog scores a 9 on the Voltmeter.
  4. scores a 92.

All good so far, right? But wait, it’s not as if is only 11x more popular than your mom’s blog. (Unless she’s Arianna Huffington or Xeni Jardin.)

She’s getting 200 readers per month, The Times is getting 20 million. It’s exponentially more popular. That’s why the Voltmeter returns a logarithmic score; it’s measuring something incredibly vast.

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