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smx-west-2015Voltage’s Digital Strategist, Corey Morris, has been selected to speak at the 2015 Search Marketing Expo (SMX) West on Thursday, March 5. The session is titled “Conquering Today’s Technical SEO Challenges” and is an expert level session as part of the SEO track on the final day of the conference. This is Corey’s second speaking appearance at SMX West and his focus in this presentation will be aimed toward agency and in-house marketers as well as SEOs in essentially any organization.

Technical aspects of SEO can often be difficult to solve and in some cases even tough to recognize. Corey’s expertise working with clients across many different industries and with websites built on many different technologies has afforded him the opportunity to encounter, diagnose and work to solve many challenges firsthand. These experiences have helped him develop processes to diagnose issues and develop plans that foster collaboration to achieve success.

Specific challenges of note and that the session will likely address are:

  • Duplicate Content
  • Pagination
  • Canonicals
  • URL Management
  • Dynamic Content
  • Hidden Analytics Issues
  • Crawl Errors

SMX West is a top search marketing conference and destination for those in the field and even those who have an interest in getting started with online marketing. It is hosted annually in San Jose in the heart of Silicon Valley. Stay tuned for more updates as the conference approaches and during it as Corey and the Voltage team will be posting updates from sessions.

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