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Remember that kid in the back of the class who would draw anything and usually get sent to detention? Well now he’s all grown up. . . kind of.

Comic Artist D.J. Coffman is gaining quite a following after offering to draw literally anything for $2. Why would he do such a thing, you ask?

Number one, it’s fun. Number two, it’s practice to make me faster and keep me sharp drawing various things I wouldn’t have thought to draw. Number three, it was originally meant to be a cheap way to give something quick back to donors of the Yirmumah comic. It’s not about making money, as you can tell by the cheap price tag, it’s mostly just for fun. I’ve unexpectedly gotten other bigger paying commission work out of people seeing these little drawings pop up, and some people actually pay me more than 2 bucks and I put a little more time into their drawings… so I guess it’s a happy accident for now. I’d probably do it even cheaper….. I upped the price to 2 dollars due to inflation and the price of gas and… well, 2 dollars sounds funnier.

So, what exactly is the ‘correct’ price for a piece of art anyway? Is it only art if it costs a lot of money? To find out, we commissioned a small work of art – a Voltage Creative logo killing the Comic Sans font. Check it out. Clearly it’s worth every penny – it did just create a conversation piece for us here, after all.

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