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I recently had the opportunity to attend the Visibility_14 conference hosted by Searchmetrics in Chicago and it featured a great lineup of speakers covering a range of search and content marketing topics. It is always great to attend shows and bump into industry leaders in our “backyard” here in the Midwest.

Over the course of this week, I’ll provide specific notes, insights, or key takeaways that I think are worthy of sharing from the conference.

This post features a presentation titled “The Future of SEO-a business view” from the CEO of Searchmetrics, Tom Schuster.

Relevance has been important for a long time, but it is really critical to understand what that means for your business and to make sure you become a “brand” for your niche in the search engines. Google continues to push relevance in the term of context and is much less focused on keywords. Be relevant, authentic, unique, and outstanding in your niche and ensure that users find you for the right reasons, stay, and buy.

Visibility_14 search marketing conference logoAn example includes Searchmetrics’ own shift from keywords to pages when targeting content and optimizing (content = URL).

Personal note-I 100% agree with this shift in thinking and SEO methodology and have been doing this for the past couple of years as I’ve found that it is much more rewarding and beneficial to target a topic rather than a keyword and to build around content rather than trying to shoehorn keywords into content that it may not fit the best into.  It is really refreshing to hear a company that has built SEO tools to say something like this as I have done a lot of manual work on my own to use tools and craft client strategies that reflect this adjustment in philosophy.

Want to hear more about this presentation, the Visibility_14 conference, or learn about my philosophy on topical search engine optimization versus keyword-based optimization?  Please reach out as I’d love to chat!

Stay tuned for the next post soon featuring Marcus Tober’s presentation on ranking factors.

Chicago photo by Bernt Rostad, modified by Voltage.

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