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I recently had the opportunity to attend the Visibility_14 conference hosted by Searchmetrics in Chicago and it featured a great lineup of speakers covering a range of search and content marketing topics. It is always great to attend shows and bump into industry leaders in our “backyard” here in the Midwest.

Over the course of this week, I’ll provide specific notes, insights, or key takeaways that I think are worthy of sharing from the conference.

This post features a collection of stats and insights from several presentations as I wrap up the series.  Stick with me as some of these quick hits and points read (nearly) as fast as the pace of a Marty Weintraub presentation…minus the awesome graphics and energy.

Visibility_14 search marketing conference logoEngineering + Marketing: Building and Scaling Content
Thomas Martino, InternMatch

Marketers are part engineer = “growth hackers”

“Enabling marketing through optimized engineering”

The simple process:

  • Engineering: Build a tool to enable marketing
  • Marketing: build valuable content
  • Scale & Long Tail

Using Search to Guide Creativity: How Search Data can Direct your Content Marketing Program
David Dunne, Founder and CEO of velocidi

“70% of users would rather visit an article page of a company website than a company page.”

The Future:

  • Data driven content marketing
    • This year 93% of B2B marketers have used content marketing
    • Need to stop looking at research and big data in silos, but across all channels
    • Persona mapping, data unification, predictive analytics

Missed Connections: The Trouble with Shortsighted Brand SEO
John Curtis, SEO Manager at Walgreens

“31% of customers who encounter incorrect information on third party directory sites will be mad at the company and not the directory.”

Merging Search & Psychographics: Gorgeous Retargeting Filters
Marty Weintraub, aimClear

  • Search drives people into the marketing system.
  • First choice is that they buy right away…if not, then we follow them.  This is about mid-funnel content entry.
  • Following is omnipresent: creepy vs helpful
  • Psychographics are more of the complete picture of us than demographics

SEO Panel Discussion
Cory Halderman – Verizon Wireless, Jordan Koene – eBay, Bob Rains – CBS Interactive, Casey Winter – Pinterest, Marcus Tober – Searchmetrics + John Rampton as moderator

Key Takeaway is that their consensus of the biggest change in ranking factors is that PAGE LOAD TIMES REALLY DO MATTER

Optimizing Your Content Marketing for 2015 and Beyond!
Arnie Kuenn, Vertical Measures

Most common problems Arnie and his team finds on client sites:

  • Duplicate content
  • Duplicate tags
  • Pages blocked
  • Poorly optimized images and videos
  • Over-optimization of anchor text in backlinks and footer

Recent Google Update: Font size changed in SERPs and now title tag needs to be 55 characters and 115 characters for meta description…did you know that?

Keyword Research: is great for content ideas as well as Google suggest for blog and page topics based on what people are searching for.  UberSuggest does it as well and is especially nice for determining article titles.  Yahoo Answers is another potential source.

Want to hear more about this presentation, the Visibility_14 conference, or learn about my philosophy on search and online marketing?  Please reach out as I’d love to chat!

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Chicago photo by Bernt Rostad, modified by Voltage.

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