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I recently had the opportunity to attend the Visibility_14 conference hosted by Searchmetrics in Chicago and it featured a great lineup of speakers covering a range of search and content marketing topics. It is always great to attend shows and bump into industry leaders in our “backyard” here in the Midwest.

Over the course of this week, I’ll provide specific notes, insights, or key takeaways that I think are worthy of sharing from the conference.

This post features a presentation titled:
“5 Steps to AdWords Profit” by Bjorn Espenes of Finch.

It was great to see Bjorn and Finch on the agenda at a primarily SEO and content marketing focused conference and get some great PPC info.  The philosophy presented through the five steps in the presentation were supplemented with a lot of graphics and details.  This recap doesn’t include the graphics, but does embody the philosophy and tactics and seems very powerful when fully implemented.

Visibility_14 search marketing conference logoStep 1: It’s the Outcome

Get a scorecard to measure performance based on everyone’s goals

Step 2: The Magic Wheel of Google

  • Match types and using exact match as it converts better…be willing to bid more on exact match terms
  • CTR is important as it is measured with how much I’m willing to pay to determine quality score
  • Watch search terms to start building out exact match terms for those that resulted from broad match so that I can shift match types and focus over time

Step 3: Actionable Data

  • Tracking and how to know what you’re looking at…understand different conversion types as they are all aggregated by default.  Tools > Conversions
  • Ad Group Structure:
    • For each keyword we have, separate into 4 ad groups by match type
    • 1 Keyword to 1 Ad
    • Sort by impressions and do this by ads that drive the most traffic
    • Within the isolated exact match clicks, put mobile modifier on it and visitor behavior targeting
    • Do this for all the match types as well…provides granular detail
  • Implement profiles and bid aggressively.

Step 4: Kill Your Competition

  • CPA vs CPV
    • CPA:  90%+ of your competitors using this
    • CPV:  Bids based on revenue and dynamic options based on revenue goals per keyword/product/target

Step 5: Everything Changes

  • Grow keywords (exact match –> keyword bank)
  • Improve ad CTR
  • Use all possible extensions
  • Check out competitor landing pages as they might be changing stuff and that could cause my CTR to go down
  • Tune bids on performance

Want to hear more about this presentation, the Visibility_14 conference, or learn about my philosophy on topical search engine optimization versus keyword-based optimization?  Please reach out as I’d love to chat!

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Chicago photo by Bernt Rostad, modified by Voltage.

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