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The irony here is runs thick… A VC firm, EDF Ventures of Ann Arbor Michigan, has no idea how the internet works. The guys are venture capitalists, right? So you’d think they would be entrenched in the web’s culture, rainmakers with money; fingers on the pulse of the internet. Eh, not quite…

These guys just forgot one of the most basic truisms of the internet: If you want something that is online to become well known and famous beyond your wildest dreams, just get a lawyer involved. This is known as The Streisand Effect and it’s been proven again and again.

Someone posted a nasty comment about EDF on The Funded. An anonymous community of entrepreneurs talking about good VC’s and bad VC’s.

“Worked with these people on several deals and they are to be avoided unless you are desperate. Beaus Laskey, the only honest straightforward person in the bunch, has left the firm.’”

Well EDF Ventures has issued a subpoena to The Funded demanding the name of the poster. Well, the joke’s on EDF. Now everyone knows about this guys comment. It’s on the front page of TechCrunch right now. Yes, that’s the TechCrunch blog covering the tech start-up industry to the tune of 900,000+ subscribers.

Avoiding stuff like this should be brand management & public relations 101. Nicely played, EDF.

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