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Voltage has been around since 2005, and we’re finally getting around to publicly sharing some internal messaging details (listen, we’ve been busy!). And as all companies do, we grow and change to evolve into the new settings around us and adapt to meet the needs of our ever-growing staff. With that growth comes a unification and update of our core mission, vision, and values. As we grow in numbers as an organization, we want to stake our flag in what we’re really about and solidify where we’re headed. We want to focus on things that matter…and we want that DNA to continue to seep into each of us so that, no matter the staff member, when you interact with someone at Voltage, you experience the Voltage difference. 

Still reading? Awesome. Glad to know we can write in a more serious tone, minimizing our (bad) jokes without totally losing your interest. Please keep going, as this is good stuff.

Our mission and core purpose is to leverage our experience, strategy, and creativity to transform businesses. 

Our values rest on six integral pillars and can be expressed in the following ways – 

APPRECIATION: respect, admiration, gratefulness, understanding

ADAPTABILITY: openness, flexibility, proactivity, solution-seeking, ok with change

QUALITY: distinctiveness, excellence, caring, investment, award-winning

CREATIVITY: finding new ways, unique, customized

CAMARADERIE: memes, music, work hard/play hard, entertainment, friendship

GROWTH (PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL): not standing still, continuing to learn, striving for improvement, admitting our mistakes, thriving

We appreciate our staff and treat everyone at Voltage like family. We go forth in our careers with respect and admiration for one another. We adapt to new challenges and face them with openness and flexibility to provide the best possible solution for our clients. We always put an emphasis on the quality of work we produce and strive for excellence in every aspect of our strategy. We focus on creativity, finding new strategies to ensure that what we do for our clients is unique in each individual process that contributes to our goals. The camaraderie among coworkers is an important part of our success as a company. From memes to music, we are constantly showing each other the endless capacity we have for both fun and support. Personal and professional growth matters for every business, but at Voltage, we take considerable pride in the leaps we take to accomplish these goals. Learning through continuous momentum, admitting mistakes, and never becoming stagnant in our industry means we can thrive in our marketing channels, and even more importantly, as solid individuals.

Finally, our vision is to be the leading digital agency in Kansas City. We will accomplish this by having a positive, real, and measurable impact on our clients, our own company, and our employees. 

Voltage is the agency our clients and staff can all count on, whether that’s because of our work or the overall culture of our office, we know that we hold our values near and dear to our hearts. And the office keg, we value that quite a bit as well.

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