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money_hack$mOnEy!, is the primary importance of a good password. Don’t think your small three page WordPress site is valuable enough to secure with a proper password? Think again! WordPress is the most popular content management platform on the planet. As such, it’s also the most frequently hacked platform. The primary reason for being hacked? Not because WordPress is an insecure system but because of bad, easy to guess passwords.

Why is money the primary importance for a good password? To keep your money in your pockets, bank accounts, etc and out of the hands of hackers. When a hacker gains access to your site, the first thing they tend to do is setup backdoors to ensure unfettered access to your site – even if you decide to change your password.

Backdoors are often used by other hackers that scan the internet for compromised sites to continue their nefarious activity. This activity includes scanning for other compromised sites, sending spam and “phishing” emails, installing malware, defacing websites and other such criminal activity. Do you have an eCommerce site? You better have a strong password! Hackers can install any number of ways to capture your customer information, including credit card numbers and other data. This can potentially cost you millions of dollars in liability.

The cleanup of a hacked site can take hours, even days. This cleanup process will inevitably be invoiced to you for the time the developer took tracking down every file created or compromised in the hack(s). This cost could be hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. While we try to prevent security issues as much as possible, there’s only so much a development company can do when a client decides to use “password1” as a password.

One hacked site can mean a server’s IP lands on “black lists”, which can take days to track. This means any sites trying to send email from these servers are blocked from sending emails. This can cost you and others on the same server in terms of lost business and much more. A hacked site can also land on the feared google “safe browsing” list. This will prevent users from accessing your site, again costing you lost business and money.

So, what have we learned? Again – money is the reason for a strong password. Yours, mine and the rest of the world’s and keeping it out of the hands of the hackers.

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