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This week’s edition of Tech Circuit on The KMBZ Business Channel will feature experts that are driving the future of mobile and mobile technology: Engage Mobile Solutions, Sporting Innovations, and FitBark. Kansas City area listeners can tune in on 1660 am radio, or listen live by clicking here.

Because of popular demand, Tech Circuit will air every other Wednesday at 1pm (it used to be monthly). It is the only radio program in Kansas City that provides original news in the Kansas City tech scene. Each week they will feature a unique topic related to new tech updates or what is trending in the Kansas City area. It is hosted by Krista Klaus, and regulars co-hosts of the program include:

  • Keith Krieger, technology education director JCCC
  • Results Technology Executive VP Patrick Murphy
  • Voltage Creative, digital marketing strategist Corey Morris

This edition will air at 1pm today on AM 1660 radio. To listen live via smartphone, click here.

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