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I can’t believe what just happened to me. I’m a Mac-o-phile. I’ve worked with PC’s for years, but here at Voltage, and in my home, I have the privilege of working only with Apple products. (We do have a Dell laptop we use to check browser compatability with IE 6.)

This morning I found my way onto Dell’s website where I was confronted by the “the NEW studio Hybrid” PC line. I want one. I want one for the same reason I want an iPhone: I’m shallow and it’s gorgeous.

What’s happening to me? Is the PC industry finally going to use my shallowness against me? I’m lusting after a bamboo-covered Studio PC made by Dell? Dude, I don’t want a Dell. At least I didn’t, until now.

(Full disclosure: Voltage Creative has done some design work for Dell in the past. However, it’s not my department and it didn’t have anything to do with this product.)

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