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Osram Sylvania (Warning: 2000-era web design) and Philips will be introducing some Buck Rodgers-esque bulbs over the next year. They’re going to start trying to sell us on color-correct super-high efficiency LED bulbs that last longer and use less electricity. Sounds good but there’s a catch. At least, according to New York Times’ Tech writer Eric A Taub. He thinks they’ll be a tough sell because they look weird.

But they’re going to fly off of shelves…

Q: Why is there a 6 month waiting list for the Toyota Prius while Honda discontinued it’s Hybrid Accord in 2007?

A: It’s because when people are buying the tech of the future they want it to look like it’s from the dang future. The Prius looks like a cross between a Mac Pro and a boxfish. The Hybrid Accords look like all the other Accords we’ve been looking at for years.

I’d buy myself this little piece of the future right now, if I could. When it does come out, I’ll be first in line. And I’ll bet a lot of other people who grew up reading S.F. comics, looking at concept cars and playing with imaginary light-sabers will too.

[pic from Lighting Science Group Corp.]

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