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Independent dairies are finding a classic solution to a classic problem – how to differentiate their products. For inspiration, they hearken back to a time when ice cream was made on the farm, and milk was sold in glass bottles. For older people it’s a taste of nostalgia, for younger people it’s a novelty.

The appeal is simple – many aficionados swear milk tastes better from a glass bottle, and looks fresher too. Unlike plastic or cardboard, glass doesn’t alter the true taste of milk and it looks amazing on the shelf. “The glass, it just jumps out at you,” says Leroy Shatto, maker of Shatto Milk (shown above.) One thing is very clear. This old-time design approach is so retro, it’s trendy. To keep this trend alive, support your local dairy farmers by enjoying their yummy milk in glass bottles. But, most importantly – rinse, return and repeat the process.

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