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There’s a lot of great free information on the web for marketers. However, as a VIP contributor to one of my favorite sources, there’s also a lot of misinformation out there. It seems that the more times something is repeated or reiterated as a “best practice,” it becomes accepted as truth in our industry whether it is or not.

To do my part to help–I’m sharing a list of my favorite sources. I’m not claiming that they are all 100% free of misnomers or conjecture, but at the same time, they do a great job of providing breaking news, strategy, tactics, insight, and helpful views behind the curtain in our ever changing digital marketing landscape.

  • Search Engine Journal:
  • Search Engine Land:
  • SEMPO:
  • Marketing Land:
  • Google Webmaster Central:
  • Moz:
  • MediaPost:
  • ReturnPath:
  • Website Magazine:
  • WordStream:
  • Content Marketing Institute:
  • Think With Google:
  • Sprout Social:
  • Litmus:

I advise following these sources on your favorite social media networks and subscribe to newsletters so you get the daily roundup coming to you versus you having to go find it.

If you have other sources you trust and recommend–let me know in the comments!

— Corey

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