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@PGARITCK channels his best Stefon impression to give you his top 3 “hottest" GA Dashboards CdChKSQUIAAXBO6   
We wrote something again! This week it's a lot of thoughts on Google dropping ads in the right sidebar.   

Google Drops Right Sidebar Ads: What Will the Impact Be?

Whenever there is a large change in something search-related, I initially have more questions and hypotheses than anything else.  

If you follow digital marketing much, you’ve maybe heard that Google has dropped ads from the right sidebar of their SERPs (search engine results pages). If you haven’t heard about this change, no problem! We’ll fill you in.

Google dropping the sidebar on a digital marketer

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#kansascity local business owners! Read how to increase ROI with Facebook local ads. Cblsq-TUkAAd56P   

Facebook Local Awareness Ads Benefit Local Business Owners

Facebook Local Awareness Ads

If you’re a local business owner in Kansas City and looking for ways to advertise and reach customers at an affordable price, take a look at Facebook local awareness ads. These ads have been offered by Facebook for over a year, but I can’t stress enough how simple, easy, and dirt cheap it is to implement these ads if you’re a local business owner.

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Referral Spam Traffic: The Followup

Referral Spam: The 411

There’s (Still) Something Rotten In… The Data

It’s Referral Spam, and it’s still causing problems in our reporting. In my previous blog post, I suggested one of the few available referral spam filter options our office found. We liked it because it struck the perfect balance between broadly limiting referral spam reporting without sacrificing potential real traffic. All while being safe enough to prevent long term damage from potential implementation mistakes.

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