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big-site-vs-one-page-websiteAn area of our business we’ve seen additional client interest in over the past two years is one-page websites. While this is by no means a new concept, it’s an offering we started pitching clients shortly after the downturn in the economy a few years ago.

Initially, we offered one-page websites to clients due to restricted budgets brought on by the recession. However, after creating a few one-pagers, we found these sites to be an ideal solution not only for small budgets, but for organizations who had simple or common concepts to convey to users.

As a digital development agency typically focused on creating large websites with sometimes hundreds of pages and complex functionality, creating single page websites at first seemed counter-intuitive to our core business. However, after trying to “shoehorn” one-too-many relatively simple concepts or products into multi-page websites, we decided that was no longer an advisable route for some of our clients or their money.

Virtually any organization can utilize a single-page website for their online presence, but all too often businesses feel a need to populate pages with content that few-to-no users ever access. The About page for example, which is quite commonly the least trafficked page of any site.

So how do you know if a single page website is right for you? Well, in this instance, it might be easier to determine if a single page site is NOT right for you, and the single most important determining factor is … wait for it …


This is key and how we initially decide if a single page website is right for a client. If your product or service requires consumer education to convert, access to company credentials, staff members, various office locations, service levels, etc., you should consider a multi-page site.

In the end it’s all about understanding your users and your sales cycle. The more hand-holding needed to educate and/or credibility building a business requires to convert, then the more content you may need to be successful online.

And even if you require a mult-page site, even hundreds of pages, we always (and I mean always) recommend applying the KISS method to your content””Keep It Simple S … ir. Remove the noise and allow your users to access content on their terms and in ways that foster conversion.

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