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L is for Loyal

I went to Old Navy last Saturday to get some cheap t-shirts. (Every wardrobe needs cheap t-shirts.) During my excursion I ran across this display of sports teams tees.

Old Navy T-Shirt Display

I live in Kansas City. The Old Navy in question is in Kansas City. I ask you, what is missing from this assortment?

The missing team is The Kansas City Royals. I asked a salesperson where the Royals shirts were. She rolled her eyes and said, “I know, we have the most random collection of teams.”

How does this happen? It’s an obvious miss on Old Navy’s part when it comes to understanding their market. While my beloved Royals have had a terrible record since the mid-80s, people in Kansas City still have a passion for this home-town team. And if you’re going to create city-specific apparel, it’d seem wise to at least cover the major sports franchises in a respective city.

…And then to pour salt in the wound: doubling up on the the St. Louis Rams, really? Really!?

Step into my office, Old Navy, you’re fired.

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