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This is cringe inducing. It’s the first salvo being fired back at Apple’s Get a Mac campaign with Justin Long and the superb John Hodgeman.

This is weak tea. Microsoft is going to need a lot more than esoteric comedy and a act who used to be great to shake off the branding corner that they’ve been painted into.

On the other hand, their Mojave Experiment TV Spots are brilliant; just don’t actually go to it’s an almost an unusable Silverlight GUI disaster, but that’s another blog post. They can’t beat Apple on funny, or slick production, so all they’ve got is their product. Fortunately for them, Vista has a bad name that no piece of software, no matter how terrible, could actually live up to. It’s a case where not living up to the hype is a good thing. They know this and played off it well, this is where they should concentrate. This Seinfeld stuff is just Microsoft shooting themselves in the foot with an insanely expensive bullet.

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