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We bet these aren’t getting old. Voltage welcomes Claire Kuzara as our new digital marketing strategist. She is taking the place of one of our most treasured employees, who has moved into the realm of developing. But don’t fret, he’s still on our team! Claire comes to us during a unique time, so the majority of the Voltage squad hasn’t had the pleasure of meeting her in-office yet, but we’re excited to have her join our quest in the ever-expanding, magical world of digital marketing. Claire is a self-proclaimed botany enthusiast who went to school at KU for Marketing. She has also memorized 35 digits of Archimedes Constant, a.k.a Pi, which is an accomplishment all on its own.

Get to know Claire! 


What are you looking forward to the most with this new position at Voltage?

I’m excited to learn from all the industry leaders here. Everyone talks about how the people at Voltage are at the top of their game and I look forward to experiencing that every day. Also I’m really excited to hone in on my ping pong skills with the Voltage pong players.


What would you bring to a Show-And-Tell day?

As many of my plants as I could. Being a plant mom is one of my favorite things. 


Did you pick up any new ‘quarantivities’ while working from home?

Oh yes, I call it “watching something new each week until there is nothing left on Netflix”


Tell us one item on your bucket list. 

Someday I will own a corgi puppy and I will name her Dory. Corgis are my favorite animal and Finding Nemo is my favorite movie – I will spoil Dory silly.


If you were a superhero, what would be your superpower? Who would be your arch-nemesis? 

I have always wanted to fly, making my arch-nemesis probably gravity.


What is your least favorite everyday household appliance and why?

Can opener, why are they always so difficult to use yet I need them so much? 


Gun to your head, what is the one song you can sing every word to?

Netflix Trip by AJR. It’s an entire song about the most important television show of the last century – The Office. I saw AJR live a couple of years ago and happily sang every word to Netflix Trip along with them.


What is your favorite meme format of 2020? 

This is not from 2020 but is my favorite meme format of all time

Claire's Favorite meme














What is something you want to learn as a digital marketing strategist?

Paid search – I started my career as an SEO so I’ve always thought about the organic side of things. I’m excited to learn how SEM and SEO can work together in an effective digital marketing campaign.


What is your best strength as far as digital marketing is concerned?

My extroverted nature has always made me enjoy building relationships in my professional roles. Relationships lead to client trust, respect, open communication, and just better work. I hope to take this strength into the Account side of this role.


We’re glad she’s decided to join our ranks, and we can’t wait to all be back in the office to truly get to know her better. Claire will be a great addition and has already hit the ground running with several accounts. Voltage is incredibly thankful for continued growth during this time, and we love being able to share that with you. 



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