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2008 Dutch Coin Design - Back

This is good information design. It’s the back of a new coin that won a Dutch design contest and will soon be in circulation. Some details about the above picture:

  • The contest was to design a coin that was a tribute to Architecture…
  • The ring of buildings is made up of books that are either by or about famous Dutch Architects or Dutch Architecture.
  • The negative space in the center of the ring is a rough outline of the Netherlands.
  • There are 12 birds, each one flying over the capital of each of the 12 Dutch provinces.

More pics of the process below.

Ducth coin design with books outlining The Netherlands

Here’s the final product:

Dutch Architectural Coin Scan

This was just the back; the front is great as well. Read the blogpost by the creator. He explains his thought process and provides pics every step of the way.

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