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Voltage Creative is pleased to pull the wraps off of our holiday project this year: a social media app called The Greetomatic 2100. The Greetomatic 2100 crawls Twitter and Facebook looking for and then displaying holiday greetings. When you enter a name into it, it starts looking for holiday greetings personalized for you. It’s an experiment in crowd-sourcing holiday cheer.

Go try it out for yourself at

This year, we wanted to show off our ability to build cool stuff using the social web. The Greetomatic 2100 was built on the LAMP stack of server technologies and utilizes CSS3 and jQuery for animations (no Flash). So it works on mobile devices. It’s also w3c web standards compliant and works in safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer 7 and 8. We had a lot of fun building it. We hope you’ll have some fun using it.

Happy Holidays, whoever you are, from all of us here at Voltage Creative!

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