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H is for Half

It’s true. And as a small business owner of a web development agency, I was shocked when I read that statistic. Do a simple Google search on the subject and you’ll find multiple articles and quotes like:

Of the 55 percent of small business owners who don’t have a web site, 57 percent say their businesses will never have one …

On a daily basis, I talk to businesses of all kinds – from small to large and everywhere in between. The common thread is a desire for success and business growth, especially in this lethargic economy.

So the question persists, why are so many small businesses hesitant or apathetic about establishing an online presence for their business? After all, small businesses are fighting every day for market share, recognition, and the chance to prove their product or service is just as good or better than their larger, more established competitors.

I fear these small businesses are failing to understand that a website is often times the first interaction a potential client or customer will have with their business. Fail to show up on a Google search and your business instantly takes a few steps down on the credibility ladder. A business that ignores the power of this first impression is leaving opportunity and dollars on the table for their competitors to easily snatch-up.

Now some of you may be saying, “I get it, but I just can’t afford it” or “I don’t know where to start and certainly don’t have the time or knowledge to do it myself.” Both of those statements are understandable, but the cold hard facts are as follows:

  • The internet is obviously not going away
  • As gen-Xers (like me) and younger generations born with the internet at their fingertips move into decision making positions, the internet will only increase as a factor in the buying process.

Even the simplest of websites can help even the smallest of businesses look as professional and polished as their big competitors.

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