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google-logoThis morning, Barry Schwartz  posted a short and sweet article on Search Engine Land pointing out a tweet from Matt Cutts (head of Webspam at Google) asking for owners of small sites to submit their site info if they think they should be ranking better.

You can read more here: http://searchengineland.com/your-small-web-site-not-ranking-well-in-google-matt-cutts-wants-to-know-about-it-170807.

Taking them at their word, they are just collecting data and conducting a survey at this point.  As someone who does SEO for SMBs, I have great interesting in any changes that might be on the horizon that give more exposure to smaller companies and sites.  I also know some large organizations that due to heavy industry regulation or other factors cannot have a massive site or a site that has great depths of quality content.  Everything there is quality, but it is limited in scope.

Does this mean that we should see some algorithm changes to even the playing field?  Will we see more ranking signals related to authority status from things other than links and engagement?  I’m looking forward to seeing whether we can connect this event to something bigger in the future, or whether it is just another blip on the radar causing an unwarranted stir.  If you fall into the category of “small but high-quality websites that could do better in our search results,” then I encourage you to consider taking Matt up on the offer and submitting your information to their survey.

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