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B is for bye.

It can be when you’re 16 and working at a hometown sub-shop or in the prime of your professional career, but most people experience the dreaded firing process one way or another if they’re in the business of being in business. Whether your being the one let go or the person letting someone go, it’s NEVER an enjoyable experience.

It’s a scenario we’re all familiar with, but what about when the tables are turned? What about when the subordinate in the situation fires their boss, the company they work for, or their client? It’s an odd thing, it goes against everything most dedicated hard-working “give-it-your-all” people have been taught, but necessary.

We recently parted ways with a client and it was our choice as an agency to “let the client go.” So how does it come to this? Well, in this case the relationship was no longer productive for us or for our client. And I suspect this is the majority of instances where this situation should and does occur. As an agency owner, it’s a tough decision to essentially tell a client’ “we no longer desire to work with you and no longer want your money.” Yikes!

This decision did not come lightly, but after much consideration we decided it was the best decision for all parties involved. We believe in the end, this bittersweet parting will prove beneficial for both our agency and the client. The client will be free to pursue an agency who better fits their needs. And we the agency, will be free to pursue clients who’s needs are best served by our skill-set.

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