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If you’re a local business owner in Kansas City and looking for ways to advertise and reach customers at an affordable price, take a look at Facebook local awareness ads. These ads have been offered by Facebook for over a year, but I can’t stress enough how simple, easy, and dirt cheap it is to implement these ads if you’re a local business owner.

Here are a few reasons I love local awareness ads for business owners:

Customer targeting. Local ads give you the ability to geotarget customers that not only live in your area, but also driving through or visiting for the weekend. Your ad can include a “Get Directions” or “Call Now” call to action so people can immediately connect with your business.

Local Business Owner Kansas City Advertising

It’s affordable. I mean really affordable. We’re not talking thousands or even hundreds of dollars. We’re talking $10-$50 per campaign, depending on how many people you want to reach. In fact, local awareness ads are the most affordable choice compared to other ad objectives that Facebook offers. 

Simple to create. Being a local business owner, we understand you don’t have the time to be creating Facebook ads all day long. Thankfully, creating a local awareness ad is simple and easy to do. The messaging is short, sweet, and to the point. Go to your Facebook business page ad account, choose the local awareness ad objective, define your audience, design the ad, and…voila!

HUGE return on investment: A local client of ours in Kansas City spent only $10 on their ad campaign. With just $10, they reached 4,000 people within a 3 mile radius, and received 14 calls for their services. That is a return of 140% on their investment!

Here is an example of an ad we created to target potential businesses in our area:

Digital Marketing in Kansas City

Overall, I encourage any local business owner to take advantage of this insanely affordable advertising platform to attract new customers in your area.

Have more questions or need advice? Email me at [email protected]. I’d love to help walk you through how to set up a local ad on Facebook to help your business. 

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