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In recent news, Facebook rolled out a new feature in ads manager for local businesses.

Facebook has become one of the easiest ways for local customers to engage online with your business. Now, reaching you is even easier. With Facebook Local Ads, you are able to serve an ad with a “Call Now” and “Get Directions” button. By adding the “Call Now” button, customers can call you right from your ad in their News Feed. The “Get Directions” button will automatically launch their directions app and lead the way to your location. Snap! It’s that easy. This new feature is great for local businesses who want to increase sales in their area, whether it’s within walking distance or a few miles away.

For example, a restaurant or clothing store would benefit from this feature if they want customers near them to visit their business or call to make an order. Also, a hotel could promote last minute open rooms to people traveling near the area or sitting at the airport because of their cancelled flight.

Because of the immediacy of these ads, Facebook made them easy to create right from your page within minutes. They also added a call-to-action metric right on your page in the notifications panel so it will be easy to measure your ad’s performance. Facebook will measure people reached and the amount of clicks on the “Call Now” or “Get Directions” button. Use this new feature today to get more sales and measure better results on your Facebook ads.

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