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Alert the presses! Voltage brought on another team member to kick-off 2021 the best way possible. We are excited to introduce our new Paid Search Associate, Eric Davison. Eric moved all the way to KC to join our digital marketing team (at first we only knew him through Zoom), and he has an accent! Eric is a great addition to the Voltage team, he is extremely talkative and has a great sense of humor; often referencing some pretty interesting TikTok content. Eric is also a true northerner, born and raised in *cue the accent* North Dakota, and attended Minnesota State Moorhead. To help you all get acquainted with Eric’s rather unique personality, we asked him a few questions. Without further adieu, meet Eric!

What are you most looking forward to with your big move to Kansas City?

I am really looking forward to exploring a new city. More specifically I want to see that giant book spine mural thing. I have no idea what it’s called but it looks super cool.

Author’s Note: He’s referring to the Kansas City Public Library, but the “giant book spine mural thing” works too. 

Have you seen anything on our Zoom calls during your remote working that you’re most excited to see in person at the Voltage office?

I have seen a little white dog in the background of a few calls with Jordan. I am excited to meet that mysterious pup.

So you’re from Fargo. Have you seen the movie and do you love it? How many times are you asked this question?

😑 I have NOT seen Fargo. I am not exaggerating when I say that about ⅓ of bouncers at bars outside of North Dakota will ask me that. They then usually have something to say about a wood chipper and just stare at me until I laugh. It is a curse. The movie is on Netflix now so maybe I will finally give it a watch.

What is your favorite genre of movie? 

I like middle school comedies. Low stakes drama and high on laughs. It is the easiest and most fun thing to watch. Snow Day, Max Keeble’s Big Move, Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life, Diary of a Wimpy Kid Trilogy, Holes, and Heavyweights to name a few.

You’ve lived in quite a few cities! Which has been your favorite so far? 

West Chester, PA was my favorite. I went to school there for a semester as a part of the National Student Exchange program. NSE is basically what kids who can’t afford to study abroad do instead of globetrotting.  I made a ton of friends there and still visit at least twice a year!  Go Rams!

What is something that the Voltage team might not know about you?

I am a twin! I have a twin sister named Emily. We are not identical…you would be surprised how many people ask that.

What have you missed doing the most throughout this year?

I miss concerts/live events. The electricity in the air before a sporting event or a concert is just something that is hard to replicate.

As an expert in all things PPC, what is your most successful client story? 

I don’t think I shared this one with y’all before but I had a client that sold kitchen range hoods. This client wanted to do a giveaway campaign in order to get more emails for better targeting. The giveaway was a steak. Like just a $15 steak we would ship to you if you won. It was an interesting but fun campaign. I ran a week-long FB campaign targeting people in the restaurant industry and the ad copy was punny with a pretty easy CTA. I think about 2 days into the campaign we had like 70 new emails. It was crazy. The campaign ended and we had tons of new emails. We created a lookalike audience as well as a remarketing campaign on both FB and LinkedIn with our newly acquired emails. That next month we had a huge uptick in clicks and conversions. It was awesome. I liked it because it was a win-win. Some people won a steak and others were directed to a great range hood they could use. I love marketing.

What is something you want to learn more about within digital marketing?

SEO. My old roommate and his friends were all the SEO people and would talk shop all the time when we would go out. I am ready to add that skill to my set and start talking mad SEO knowledge to my friends.

 What is your biggest strength when it comes to digital marketing?

I am proud of doing the dirty work of PPC. I will sift through links and change them for a huge account. I will write copy for 100 ads in one account if it means the CTR goes up. I am down to do the hard part that I know some other digital marketers aren’t willing to do.

We can finally say Eric finally met the aforementioned mysterious white dog (our developer’s pup and office regular, Arya) when he arrived in the office and they have formed a great coworker relationship! Eric’s bright personality has been a great addition to our team so far, and we hope you got a glimpse of it through these questions, when you stop by the office, or have the chance to meet him over Zoom. We are glad to get 2021 off to a great start, we hope you have a happy, healthy new year! 

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