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Command Shift 3

I’m loving me some CommandShift3, lately. It’s like Hot or Not (Warning: link may be mildly NSFW), but it’s for web sites instead of vapid, digi-cam-wielding web personalities. Basically, you get screen shots showing two current web sites. You click on the one that you like the most. By doing so, you’ve just declared a winner between the two. Sites are rated over time and assigned a rank in the grand scheme of things.

Anyone can submit a site, and you can provide a credit url to the designer (or to yourself). It’s a fun way to find some inspiration or put your design chops to the test. The best of and worst ever galleries are not to be missed. Oh, and us Mac users will never again forget what three buttons to press when we want to snap a screen shot. (command-shift-3 is the Mac keyboard shortcut for taking a screenie.)

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