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The Biggest Key to a Strong Organic Presence

The actuall key, get it!?

Sometimes you just come across something on the interwebs that you want to share, and while Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are great forums for that, it can be hard to add some thoughts/comments.

Eric Enge recently wrote a great piece titled “Why CTR Is(n’t) a Ranking Factor.”  I strongly suggest taking the 10-15 minutes to read it before reading all of this blog post.  Just make sure you come back!  :)

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Referral Spam Traffic: The Followup

Referral Spam: The 411

There’s (Still) Something Rotten In… The Data

It’s Referral Spam, and it’s still causing problems in our reporting. In my previous blog post, I suggested one of the few available referral spam filter options our office found. We liked it because it struck the perfect balance between broadly limiting referral spam reporting without sacrificing potential real traffic. All while being safe enough to prevent long term damage from potential implementation mistakes.

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Referral Traffic Spam: The 411

Referral Spam: The 411


There’s Something Rotten In… The Data

Over the past couple weeks, our digital marketing department started to notice a big increase in overall traffic. Assuming one of our SEO strategies was rapidly paying off, we started digging into site data to capitalize.  OH…how sad we were to discover we were being spammed in new and exciting ways.

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Corey Morris Selected To Serve As SEMPO Kansas City Leader

Voltage is excited to share that our own Corey Morris, Director of Digital Strategy & Marketing, was selected to serve as the 2015 Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) City Leader for Kansas City.

SEMPO is the largest nonprofit trade organization in the world, serving the search and digital marketing industry and marketing professionals engaged in it. SEMPO provides a foundation to build stronger relationships within the community, provide education and better understanding of SEM, and promote the general industry. Read More…