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Sometimes you just come across something on the interwebs that you want to share, and while Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are great forums for that, it can be hard to add some thoughts/comments.

Eric Enge recently wrote a great piece titled “Why CTR Is(n’t) a Ranking Factor.”  I strongly suggest taking the 10-15 minutes to read it before reading all of this blog post.  Just make sure you come back!  :)

Here’s some music to read by:

Are you back now?  Great.

All of Eric’s points on how to approach your content are great ideas.

To me, the most important factor in having a solid presence in organic search is really simple at the core.

Yes, it’s pretty simple.  Have a great user experience by providing the user with what they are looking for.  Provide content and tools that are useful and informative, and it will go a long ways towards helping you establish yourself as an authority in your industry.

That’s it.  It’s not exactly a piece of cake, but if you can accomplish this one thing and follow SEO best practices, you are setting an excellent foundation for the long term when it comes to your organic presence on all search engines.

Another good point that Eric makes is about leveraging an expert’s personal brand to help boost your own.  The bigger the name, the more attention you can draw, ultimately helping engage your target audience.  This can be accomplished in a lot of ways, including employing that person, but guest contributions on a blog can also help.  Don’t have an industry expert at your disposal?  Then give your team the resources so that they can become one.

In regards to developing content that gives site visitors what they need, start with your services.  What problems do you solve?  How do you solve them?  Why should the site visitor buy your product or service?

Then ask friends, family and strangers what they would be looking for if they were in the market for a business like yours.  What questions are they asking?  What answers would they want to see?  These are great things to focus on for dynamic content, but also consider how you can work it into your evergreen content as well.  Think about every page on your site as a potential entry point for a user, and every page should serve the purpose of answering a question.

It’s all about empowering your audience with knowledge.  If you have the ability to give them the knowledge, you’re going to be just fine in the content department.

Just some food for thought!  We can discuss CTRs and user engagement all day, but both are solved by positioning yourself as an authority in your industry and giving users what they need to take action.


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